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Posted by redrocket305 at Dec 8, 2011 11:57:53 AM
Re: I know just what Malachite Needs!
We obviously should turn Malachite into a Role-Playing Ocean.
Everyone knows Mala has turned into a spawning ground for people who sit in the inn, or troll.

Awesome right?!

If Emmett doesn't want to read anymore, then I'm just killing the thread. Yes, I do honestly think that a role play ocean would be interesting. I'd definitely try it. Also, I think as evidenced but replies in this thread, people do take this game too seriously.

I never have been a poster on the forums, or a serious political contender for anything on Malachite. For all I care BD can come back and take over every island, and I'd still be sitting in the Salt inn.

If anyone still wishes to talk about the idea, I'm more than willing. But while knowing I never thought this could seriously happen/I thought people would realize this was just light-hearted fun. The fact that a so called "hearty" and past crewbie told me I'm rubbish, and the fact that Emmett thought I was in the least bit slightly serious just backs up everything I had already thought.

Woden says, "Oceanus, can you change yer hat for us?"

Oceanus says, "Do you want me to change my hat or organize this event?"

Woden- Miridichite Ocean. Glorious Captain of Teh Nubs.

And now on Sagemerald in Weqeqweqwed f

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