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Posted by redrocket305 at Dec 8, 2011 10:42:18 AM
Re: I know just what Malachite Needs!

Maybe you just need to try harder. Maybe you are just bitter cause no one jobs for you cause given the size of the ocean, they know how rubbish you are.

Mala is perfect - and yes, quote this and point out everything you think is wrong with mala, that will really help.

Also Tay, I have never had any issue with you. And if you say things like this on the forums, you're obviously picking fights.

Your crew is doing well, you're one of the few running pillages, good for you. But you don't have to take it upon yourself to be the Great Defender of Malachite. That's fine if Malachite is exactly what you want in an Ocean. But don't go insulting people because you think you're the bee's knees now.

Plus, you have some major flaws in your insult:
(You brought the anger to this thread, not me. I'm just talking about role playing. So for your typical internet forum attitude, I shall reply with an equally dumb typical forum attitude)

I'd actually have to lead things for people to not job for me on.

Damn it Tay. I liked you. What's with calling me rubbish? I've played this game for five years, and have never had an ultimate. Yes, I suck at puzzling, because frankly, I don't care to learn. It's a social game for me. Get off your high horse. You're the captain of "The number one crew on Malachite" big deal. Malachite is Malachite.

I don't want any more posts like this in the thread. This isn't about flaming or trolling, or getting angry. It's merely a suggestion to an alternate play style that I feel some would find interesting.

No need to take insult to words on a forum from people you'll never meet that you came across in a game where you make a pirate that doesn't exist.

And if you do want to take the game seriously:

Then why are you opposed to talkin like a pirate ye scurvy dog?
Wouldn't that be taking the game as seriously as possible?
Woden says, "Oceanus, can you change yer hat for us?"

Oceanus says, "Do you want me to change my hat or organize this event?"

Woden- Miridichite Ocean. Glorious Captain of Teh Nubs.

And now on Sagemerald in Weqeqweqwed f

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