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Posted by redrocket305 at Dec 8, 2011 10:29:54 AM
Re: I know just what Malachite Needs!
Taytaytaytay- Hey man, I love malachite. Been here and loyal since the day it opened. But if you truly think malachite is healthy the way it is, you were never here during it's glory days. I'm not saying things can't be done on this ocean, they definitely can, and yes, our pirates here are of exceptional standing because without being so, we'd really be screwed. But things like Friglantis are impossible. And Atlantis was made for frigs. If you can't fill the boat that the smh is built for, then yes, the ocean has an unhealthy population. But this isn't the point.

I'm just merely suggesting that if the time comes that mala is to be killed off, why not try to change it into something with a special draw. Obviously a role playing server would not be the most popular ocean, but it would be something different and interesting to give malachite a revitalization, a second chance at glory, and to be recognized as something, besides giving those of us still there something to do.

And yes, Malachiters aren't exactly what I would call the right people for the role playing. We love to be silly, make conga lines at the Saltstrum inn, harass each other, and watch Doulber troll when he makes a guest appearance.

And obviously, I myself have never been one to role play or take the game seriously.

But you know what? I think this would be an interesting idea to implement, even if it's not-OM'd upon us, but even if we take it upon ourselves. Obviously a new ocean can't be opened. It would be suicide. Post-Malachite, every ocean that has opened is now on the brink of extinction, or has been eliminated (RIP Crimson. I stood on your shores once). And a big ocean could never take on something like this, so why not Mala?

Because, let's face it: A majority of the player population on Malachite does not pillage. Not saying people don't pillage on mala--they do--just the simple fact that Malachite has become stagnant. Nothing big is ever happening, the flags just all kind of sit around and pretend there are serious politics afoot, when in reality we're just sitting around. And if most of us are sitting around, why not give it a spin? And for those that still are puzzling, the puzzles will still be there. It's not like people talking like pirates is going to make you a worse bnaver.

To sum it up: Malachite has reached a point where it is a primarily social ocean. Puzzles have taken a back seat, while politics seem to be stagnant. Maybe this shouldn't be looked at as a way to draw new people to the ocean, but to revitalize the old timers that are still here with something new. Because I admit, I tried moving to Sage, and I Friglantis'd and Kaded'd and everything I couldn't do here. But now that has been satisfied, I would rather sit on malachite. It's a home to many people.

But sitting at your home can get boring for anyone unless you've got something to do.
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