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Posted by Hikariks at Dec 8, 2011 8:24:46 AM
Re: I know just what Malachite Needs!
We obviously should turn Malachite into a Role-Playing Ocean.
Everyone knows Mala has turned into a spawning ground for people who sit in the inn, or troll.
Nothing actually happens on this ocean that is of any serious consequence to anyone, since besides being just a game, it's a game on a dying ocean.

So think how much fun we'll have if we all actually pull a Luffsalot, and talk like pirates!!

First off: No more trolls. You wouldn't have people sitting in the inn being annoying, because you couldn't talk about anything besides pirating and the ocean! No more harassment from the latest internet meme!

We should ban anyone who doesn't obey these role playing terms. No one who is a botter is going to want to put up with this, so there goes that population. The trolls will have been harvested and exterminated within the first week, and only the cool kids would be left.

but but i love standing in the inn D: i love sometimes making fun of people :P and you would be taking ions job as well :P not fair. é-e
i cant act pirate liek all the time .___. imma end up talking like on in my english class xD and they are going to slaughter me since im still learning english :P
Though i would find it rather funny if there was just a week for this :P not the whole time.
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