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Posted by Taytaytatty at Dec 8, 2011 1:08:25 AM
Re: I know just what Malachite Needs!
I know there is going to be some extremely angry replies to this post, but i honestly dont mind mala as it is.

I think the restricted jobber markets makes it more competitive, and therefore breeds Bnav talent. For example, SMH's have to be run in smaller ships, therefore the Bnav'ers and XO's/MAA's need to be of higher quality. And if they are run in larger vessel, they are usally done so by experienced navers, as only they can pull that kind of support. Same goes for flotilla's.

As far as cades go my experience isnt that extensive, but id think the same logic will apply. Sure you wont be able to fill scores of war frigs, but it means the naver's have to be better, were pure numbers arnt the deciding factor. Further, against BK's (like seen last weekend) the navver's have to be especially talented to take down war frigs and xebec whilst themselves only in a war brig.

Mala is small, but its a community, we might not always get along, but that just makes it more exciting :P. If you cant fill what you want, its probable because a) Just chose the wrong time (and yes, you do have to watch your timing for large voyages and SMH's) or b) You are clearly under qualified for the voyage you are attempting to run.

I have no problem filling Junk's and War Brigs for Lanty's and HS's, even if i do sink many, people still join.

Mala isnt perfect, but it doesnt need the constant stream of people saying it needs to be revived. Maybe you just need to try harder. Maybe you are just bitter cause no one jobs for you cause given the size of the ocean, they know how rubbish you are.

Mala is perfect - and yes, quote this and point out everything you think is wrong with mala, that will really help.
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