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Posted by redrocket305 at Dec 7, 2011 1:39:59 PM
Re: I know just what Malachite Needs!
Kaine: There was a question mark on that. So would you just kind of want to slit your wrists, or maybe not? No matter. Glad you support the idea.

And to the Feztabulous Emmett: I think you're not fully grasping how much more role playing this ocean needs. People take the game seriously, and maybe even pretend that it's more important than it really is (Strike that maybe. They do.) If someone's going to take a pirate game seriously, actually act like a real pirate. Not like a politician or entrepreneur who happens to be missing an eye. Islands should be a homeland, a beautiful country a governor should be proud of. Not just a show of political strength by controlling three of them.

Edit: I am honestly trying to be sincere and non-belittling in these remarks. If anyone takes offense to anything suggested in the thread, it's okay, you don't have to support the idea. But from a potential role playing ocean perspective, we've been playing the whole game wrong since day one.
Woden says, "Oceanus, can you change yer hat for us?"

Oceanus says, "Do you want me to change my hat or organize this event?"

Woden- Miridichite Ocean. Glorious Captain of Teh Nubs.

And now on Sagemerald in Weqeqweqwed f

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