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Posted by redrocket305 at Dec 7, 2011 1:11:29 PM
I know just what Malachite Needs!
We obviously should turn Malachite into a Role-Playing Ocean.
Everyone knows Mala has turned into a spawning ground for people who sit in the inn, or troll.
Nothing actually happens on this ocean that is of any serious consequence to anyone, since besides being just a game, it's a game on a dying ocean.

So think how much fun we'll have if we all actually pull a Luffsalot, and talk like pirates!!

First off: No more trolls. You wouldn't have people sitting in the inn being annoying, because you couldn't talk about anything besides pirating and the ocean! No more harassment from the latest internet meme!

Secondly: Kading would be more fun! Instead of having this dumb political system that was obviously nonexistent in real Pirate politics, we just all fly our own flags, and pillage any island we want, without declarations, without being diplomatic. You want something on Zuyua (Lololololol Who wants Zuyua?) you just sail right up and take it.

Thirdly: Better crews. Pirates don't job for other captain's. That's dumb. We should all just stick with our one crew, and all get one really big crew ship and sail it around constantly. Blackbeard didn't have an army of festive sloops on the docks around where he sailed. He had one big mother of a ship, and he had his crew job it, and they wrecked things.

Fourthly: People just want poe so they can buy nice things that then never go away after they stack them up in their mansion. If we make it so when you blockade/raid an island, you can actually loot those wealthy mansions, wouldn't it be more enjoyable? Being a pirate isn't about having a nice estate for which your army of pets can harass anyone who enters. It's about taking other people's nice things, without their consent.

Fifthly: People already think Malachiters are the strange lonely people that play that small weird ocean in the corner. Why not give them a reason to actually think so!

Sixthly: We should ban anyone who doesn't obey these role playing terms. No one who is a botter is going to want to put up with this, so there goes that population. The trolls will have been harvested and exterminated within the first week, and only the cool kids would be left.

Awesome right?!

Edit: Also there would be no one left saying things like "Lolololol"! Win!
Woden says, "Oceanus, can you change yer hat for us?"

Oceanus says, "Do you want me to change my hat or organize this event?"

Woden- Miridichite Ocean. Glorious Captain of Teh Nubs.

And now on Sagemerald in Weqeqweqwed f

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