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Posted by bakker091 at Nov 28, 2011 4:19:15 PM
Re: Need a new name!
Hoy mates,

Thank you so much for the Idea's for the name :)
Althought I'm an hard headed donkey and choosen for one me and my manager bumped on.

But a deal is a deal. So I'm splitting up the 15K through 6, so you all (pirates who entered) may choose for 2,500 PoE

Pirates who entered:
Firetruck ; Dogmanj ; Arrgylesox ; Legs ; Reeves ; Indulgance

(If I missed anyone, I'm sorry! Please send a Tell !)


I'm honored to pronounce that the crowded horizon had to make place for a new name instead of "Black hearts".... And let another name get it even more crowded:
The Royal Clothier
(from the movie: 'The Rival Clothiers' (Rival = Royal)

I went looking for historical movies (like Elizabeth I) and read something about 'Royal warrants'.
Thats how we got to the The Royal Clothier !

Thanks alot for the help & Fair winds! :)
Emerald Ocean: Zilverstarz

Avatar by Bisca ! :)

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