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Posted by bakker091 at Nov 28, 2011 12:11:38 PM
Need a new name!
Ahoy mates,

I'm currently looking for a brand new name for my Tailor Shoppe:
Black Hearts on Admiral Island.

I bought it about a week ago and worked hard on it. Now I just need a new name, before the grand opening :)

If you come up with a good name (which I like), you get 15,000 PoE FREE to spend on the rack. (So for ye shopaholics, get to it!)

On admiral there is a theme, were owners take movie names / song names / quotes / ... and bring some word in it, which has to do with the kind of shoppe.
Now, since it's a tailor shoppe, this means it has to do anything with clothes/tailors

Rack to the future (Back to the future)
Scarf face (Scar face)
You've got chainmail (you've got mail)
but also:
Dressed to kill (movie)
The misfits (serie)

Personally, I'd like something fancy, VIP and classy.
I've tried some like:

It's Classy not Classic (album Breathe carolina)
The Dress Code (just liked that one)
A Shoppe is born (A star is born)

Ofcaurse if ye find any good name which doesn't have anything to do with the movie names or fancyness, just post it to :)

I will also reward participants who's name is not choosen but which I also like :) (those get 1K to spend on the rack each) <3

- EDIT: You may enter as many times you want in 1 Reply.
And make sure you've read the :)

Thanks for helping and looking forward to read your inspiration ! :)
Emerald Ocean: Zilverstarz

Avatar by Bisca ! :)

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