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Posted by Setsusa at Nov 25, 2011 5:33:51 PM
Re: Island openings 2011 - event blockade
I've sent this through petition as well, and from the sounds of it, it's on hold for you, but I'll also ask here:

Would it be possible to alter the prize of the island opening event tomorrow? As opposed to having an island opened on the date set in the thread, would it be acceptable to have the island open at a date six months from now, if certain conditions have been met by the player base?

Also, if that is possible, would a list of pros and cons to island openings now, and later, as well as player support be necessary to select such an option?


If we can take this route, how can we decide a fair way of determining the conditions so that they satisfy the ocean's player base? Our motive is that if the decision to open an island was put up to a condition over the next few months, a better idea would be grasped as to whether Viridian could support another large, or if it would just fall under a flag after a few weeks and be forgotten about. Currently, the issue is in doubt, as the blockade face of the ocean has begun to be more active, but whether that is just a few weekends of excitement, or a continuous thing remains to be seen.
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