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Posted by pillyforme at Nov 25, 2011 8:33:56 AM
Re: You wonder why midnight is dying?

After finding that there was nothing to on my home ocean, Cobalt, i wandered over to my pirate on midnight.

I went to my usual hide out, the inn, and started an SF game, no one joined so I said;

"SF up."
And got a snotty reply from three individuals such as:
"No way! tell the media!"
"shut the scupper up"
"Did you really need to advertise that?"

After being harassed by Eyedea, Lisa and balkington, I decided to just drop it and not talk. Unfortunately Eyedea wouldn't stop making a scene. He kept writing, "shut the scupper up" "grow the scupper up" and "*random pirate* you scuppering snake"

So quit making posts and saying that your ocean is dying, people might want to play on there if they liked you.

*Scupper was always the real thing.

I would just like to add my opinion to this, as it feels VERY 1 sided, as i walked into the inn while this was going on... you yourself wern't exactly a model pirate yourself mate, insults were from both sides, and some of yours were quite personal i thought. I forgot count how many times i tryed to stop this argument, over a very silly thing such as talking about a SF, then some insults were directed at one of hearty's, who also tried to get you both to calm down..

First of all, do not compare the entire of midnight on 4 people... no matter who them 4 people are,
and especially when you also wrote insults yourself.

The bold point next, you never stopped talking at all, otherwise he couldnt have told you to "shut the scupper up" because you weren't talking.

Thank you for your heavily biased point, but next time, try to give the whole truth, and maybe read a few of the earlier points made.

(i took orange off because it was annoying me)

Thats where your wrong. I dropped talking about the SF game. I made insults directed at, balkington and eyedea, ABOUT there insults (comebacks). And like you said, you walked into the argument, so you have no clue what the beginning half was.

And I already agreed that 4 people do not make up the entire ocean. So read all three pages next time ^_^ if not. Stay out of it.
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