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Posted by ChuckleJake at Nov 23, 2011 5:44:27 PM
Re: Viridian Mafia Scuttle
If I'm not mistaken didn't Viridian Mafia just win Moab last week, why are they scuttling so quickly if DA said they were retiring. Please enlighten me.

Hello Wnyw, thanks for posting since this scuttle really needs to be explained.

First off, I want to tell you I logged on tonight at around 8:30 PM eastern time and found myself in front of one of my royals apologizing to me. He accidentally scuttled our island. (If you want to think otherwise go ahead, but I really wish this scuttle didn't happen). Anyways, I am very sorry if anyone wanted to drop on us and I kind of would rather a real flag to drop then fight a boring Brigand King.

If you have any comments or problems or anything you wish for me to answer just post here I will be following this thread.



P.S.: People make mistakes and I hope everyone is aware of that, we will fight the BK and third parties are welcomed for some fun shooting.
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