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Posted by MrSquiddy at Nov 23, 2011 7:03:30 AM
Re: You wonder why midnight is dying?
Midnight has unique inn etterkit, which can be summed up in two werds: No talkin'.

Actually, the truth be more subtle. A Midnight inn be like a men's room: Ye can start a conversation, but unless ye do it right, ye'll make people uncomfortable. When Old Squiddy talks to people in the inn, he gets a polite smile instead o' cursin', but Old Squiddy mostly only talks in Vistr's inn on Eta (where ever'body knows me name and be always glad I came) and Old Squiddy makes small talk, not advertisin'.

In general, if Midnighters want to buy somethin', they go to the Midnight Bazaar Forum. If they want to swordfight, they look at the swordfight tables. And so attempts to make them aware of such opportunities will be met with amusement, sarcasm, or hostility. Sounds like ye got all three.

Also, we don't post in orange.

-- Squiddy, who thinks the ocean is dying because he keeps shooting it and ramming into its rocks

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