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Posted by Donsmythe at Nov 22, 2011 10:03:16 PM
Re: You wonder why midnight is dying?
I would dare say that the number of people on Midnight who have muted Eyedea exceeds the number of people who are like Eyedea. Just sayin'.

Edit: Since a few people are apparently confused by this statement, I will simply point out that every person is unique. There's only one person on the ocean who is exactly like Eyedea, and that is Eyedea. I know of at least two people who have him muted for whatever reason (neither one of them is myself - my mute list is empty). It's pretty much a sure bet that even more people do not have him muted, though, not to mention that it wouldn't surprise me if there are more people muting me than him. At any rate, the point is that my statement can be technically true even while having a negligibly small scope of merely three people. In fact, the scope could be so small or so large, depending on how a reader chooses to interpret the statement, as to render the statement itself completely meaningless. It's deliberately ambiguous; the purpose was to allow the OP to feel partially validated (and hopefully chill out a little so that intelligent discourse could become possible) without actually directly validating anything. And maybe offer a chuckle to those who realize how little actual information the statement really carries. Think of it as the written word's version of an optical illusion. Now that I've explained this, however, the magic is gone. I don't mind explaining it and ruining the effectiveness of the statement, however, because it's clear from his subsequent responses that the OP is more interested in trolling than anything else anyway. So the statement no longer serves any purpose whatsoever. I wrote this up instead of just deleting the post, because I felt this way was more fun. :D

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