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Posted by Jongy5 at Nov 22, 2011 7:41:43 AM
Re: The Box Auction You've Always Wanted To Go To -- Presented by Outbreak (3 Fams!)
This is sadly an event just on Viridian. However other dub ocean players can take advantage by selling their winnings for dubs to use on their ocean. However subscribers are really unable to join in unless they're moving to a dub ocean. Our main goal in posting in this section was to try and encourage other dub oceaners to come join us.

That's pushing the envelope a bit.
For Example:
If this principle were honored in for say .. all circumstances, could I not advertise my 10000 units of stone on all other oceans in case somebody wanted to make a profit and sell them for doubs? XD

Keep it on Viridian, I'm sure you'll get plenty of support.
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Message from Team Evil: Fine, we'll pass the petition along to Hera for you even though you're pro-Team Purple, but we refuse to be happy about it! #TeamEvilisAWESOME

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