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Posted by Empatheticly at Nov 20, 2011 2:44:33 PM
Re: Viridian Mafia's Intent to blockade Moab island
frist think no one complain about sink or not.
Yasmi complained about the seemingly prohibitive cost of blockading which DA only increased by making the blockade sinking.

ugh whatever keep your island

anyway hope you all have a good time

i love you all

hope you die



I'm suprised nobody trolled on his awful spelling and grammar. I can't make out half the guys says. The other half just seems like bitching... I understand that it's unfortunate that you lost an island during a flagsit, but hey, it happens, just go after it next week when you are able to, try and catch them off guard. It's not as if they're the only flag who's able to catch another off guard with a weird time. Fight fire with fire, not piss and moan about the fire.
I do what I can, when I can.

- Empathetic,
Still playing, here and there.

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