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Posted by Bluenamedjc at Nov 20, 2011 5:35:06 AM
Re: *Knockout's Fintan intent*
Honestly I'm suprised Knockout even started drama (which I'm not getting so I'm just going to use the fact everyone hates Cairna.) Knockout knows damn well it will be the SMA v. Viridian at Openings (or other flags like P4P, or Dilem/RM on the defense). Why would you waste poe in a situation that could screw you over fast. We already had the drama of IC/KO with ships (Yeah, who ever it was isn't good at keeping chat logs). Cairna, we all know you have 250/300 that your sitting your ass on. and your expecting it to take you through the end. After I think about it Legacy hasn't wasted there 250 mil (Just a pure guess from past blockades).

So honestly, Good Luck Legacy and welcome back to Viridian and not selling out.

Note: I have in no way shape or forum ties with anyone in Legacy or KO personally to have recieved the tells, Just a lot of people booching tellins that ended somehow in my way and my political position does not represent a certain group since I'm neutral although I just purely contradicted that in this forum post ;D

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