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Posted by shut123 at Nov 19, 2011 11:51:11 PM
Re: Viridian Mafia's Intent to blockade Moab island
I think what pissed Yasmi off was that, well... I'm losing count how many times DA have been dropped on at 4AM British time.

When we initially dropped, We hadn't really thought about the time difference. The first time I heard about it was this forum post by yasmi. We were expecting a defense from DA, and thought, as us both being smaller flags, would be a fun and entertaining cade.

Also, Monlizzy had apparently tried to ask VM to put the drop off

This is also the first time Ive heard of this. I haven't been on too much this week, and maybe Chucklenuts forgot to tell me, But no IC royalty came to me about this matter.

Brisky has been involved and he was in VM's blockade crew for this drop as well.

I was not here for R1 and part of R2, But from what I heard from our cade team, Brisky did not nav for us.

Again, Thank you DA and SC for bring in some ships, was alot of fun. =) Hope to see DA back on the blockading seen soon

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