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Posted by Ezder at Nov 19, 2011 11:37:41 PM
Re: Viridian Mafia's Intent to blockade Moab island
For Viridian Mafia, as a small flag and new to the blockade scene, Devils Advocates is actually quite a reasonable target. When I first saw the drop, I was hoping for a rather friendly blockade, despite the horrible time.

I think what pissed Yasmi off was that, well... I'm losing count how many times DA have been dropped on at 4AM British time. And this might just be the same ridiculous paranoia that got Tyranny and Annex beaten down the other week, but in all those 4AM drops, Brisky has been involved and he was in VM's blockade crew for this drop as well. Also, Monlizzy had apparently tried to ask VM to put the drop off, since she knew that Yasmi would be working that night, making the timing even worse.

I'm not trying to put blame on anyone for anything, or add to the tarting. I was sad to see the blockade sinking, and sad to see Yasmi so upset, and that this blockade apparently turned out as nothing of what I would have hoped for. I'm just trying to explain the hard feelings that followed the choice of drop time.

Congrats on the win VM! I hope that this is just the start of your blockade carreer. I also hope that you and DA will be able to come back to civilised terms, and that DA will find the will to return to blockading, as the eager, brave, independent, hard-working and dignified flag that I have come to know and respect!

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