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Posted by Judiciousman at Nov 19, 2011 10:42:45 PM
Re: Viridian Mafia's Intent to blockade Moab island
I wanna thank everyone who decided to come and help me have some fun, despite of me being at work and not able to look at my screen all the time.
Unfortunatly I got really put off cades, seems like viridian likes to chase small flags and me and devilx cant keep up with adversaries.
DA is a small flag and we have done all cades from either mine or devilx pocket and with fleet and stock that we both provided.

Viridian's cade scenario has become difficult, bully and hard to challenge.

Thats not the game I itent to play, so I am retiring from cades until the atmosphere becomes lighter and more friendly.

Once again, thank you jobbers who came, you were great, most of them were hearties. :)

Fair winds

I lol'd.
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