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Posted by glittertjess at Nov 19, 2011 10:00:32 AM
*Knockout's Fintan intent*
Knockout will be countering at Fintan!

Blockade details:
Pay - Whatever Legacy pays @ Kirin
Sinking - Yes
JCs - JobKO and JobK
When - 10AM Gametime.

Island plans:
Knockout does not wish to hold onto Fintan. We will not be defending the island in the future. So feel free to drop a warchest on us next week. However, if only 1 party drops, we may put up a half-hearted defense to not be fun spoilers. If 2 serious parties drop, we won't defend and the blockade will be kept non-sinking. Edit: Forgo to mention, we'll keep the island taxes at 0% for the week and do not intend to drop any shoppe.

Good Luck to Legacy with the attack and defense!
Monarch of Knockout on Meridian & Emerald
Loiosch says, "when do we ci"
Karthika says, "cai might spank me if i do"

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