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Posted by Yasmi6 at Nov 19, 2011 3:26:02 AM
Re: Viridian Mafia's Intent to blockade Moab island
u gotta love when u hunt a sinky pvp and they swap deeds mid battle, thats very low

then i got this tell
XWZ from Viridian Mafia tells ye, "well i cant help you guys arent smart enough"
Ye told XWZ, "well u are no allowed to swap deeds"
XWZ tells ye, "and why wouldnt i abe alloud to do that? i'm not part of those stupid wars and cant help the royalties are declaring"
[11:15:07] Ye told XWZ, "not mid battle mate sorry"

thats very unimpressivve if u check my pvp battle records , you ll see that the deed is not VM but someone else's

I only have one word COWARDS!!!!!
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