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Posted by marundel at Nov 18, 2011 3:29:52 PM
Re: Island openings 2011 - event blockade
whether or not this event provides any long-term blockade activity doesn't really matter. If it even provides 1 week of activity it's better than doing nothing, am I right?

I don't disagree with your good intentions Stephen, but I disagree with your statement/conclusion. You can stimulate a weekend of blockade activity without having to open an island. I agree that this should not become just another merger thread, but Moon has a point - there will be a significant amount of activity on two Saturdays, followed by one of the already wealthy, populous, and probably already island owning flags winning an island to develop on oceans that already have small populations spread thin enough. I'll use Cobalt as an example - I personally like the 33% probability that we will finally get one end of an interarch established - a boon for traders and interarch pillagers; but the truth is one of four people on Cobalt will acquire an Inn (perhaps even their second or third) followed by a 50% chance that Carmine becomes irrelevant by proximity. I'm happy to accept the tradeoff of relevance for a populated medium to open up the interarch gateway, and I'm happy to compete in blockades, but an island opening event doesn't have to happen in order to provide blockade fun, and let's not pretend that it does anything for the ocean except put another Inn and a shop or two into the hands of someone who already sits at the top of the heap.
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