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Posted by Soar at Nov 17, 2011 9:40:23 PM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
I'm pretty lost with this one Aarghbird. It just fills me with questions, lol. I'll go through it bit by bit...
I double checked, and reselected the yohoho_1321307611285.log file (a new one seems to get generated everytime I open a client window.)
Aye this changed happened a while ago, before Steam I think, and QM was modified to handle it. It should find your most recent Yohoho log each time you load QM and draw data from that.
I opened QM (latest beta) and it doesn't find the log. It does give me an error:

'-' is not a valid integer value.
When does this Error pop up exactly?
Then I get the main QM window just fine and it says I am on a sloop. When I close the error window, I get a chat window, misplaced, with four lines of data which are, appropriately enough:

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
Could you give me a screenshot of this chat window? I'm having trouble working out what it is.
If I open a Chat Logs section, such as QM System, those 4 lines go away. I get the usual opening 3 lines of Welcome / ready / Crew add. If I hope on a new ship (not a sloop just to test as you suggested) I get two QM chat alert sounds, "Going aboard the Advanced Clownfish", and a then a blank line showing in the "Other..." window.
Errr something is not wired up right here. I'm begining to suspect its all stemming froma signle problem.
I am seriously thinking of removing Steam, even if it means having to totally reload YPP.
Don't do that, then we'll never find out whats going on, lol.

I think I need to get PP on steam myself. That would be a good start. :]


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