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Posted by glittertjess at Nov 15, 2011 5:36:15 PM
Re: *Knockout's Outpost Blockade Policy*
Honestly it's a good thought and all but it smells Dendrite fund all the way to Malachite. I hate to say it but there is no way this is going to work for the same reason the Dendrite fund didn't work. People are going to look for cost efficiency, and when I say cost efficiency I don't mean dropping on Knockout with Surtsey as the prize. Weak flags (or flags that appear weak) holding valuable islands is what attracts most blockades. It's not a coincidence that Dilemma has been hit three weeks in a row at Harmattan. People get into blockading through blockading for the islands, it's later we start enjoying the blockade for what it is, not what it produces.

I totally agree that weak flags holding valuable islands attracts most blockades. Talking about Knockout as a flag, we have a very intimidating image. Nobody has stepped up to blockade us, whether at a crappy outpost or an important large like Kirin/Terra since RM retired. The picture in a general pirate's mind is like "ZOMG, don't cade Knockout they have so much jobber support and countless poe." This is exactly what I want to change and hence our Outpost Blockade Policy is the first step. Knockout is yet to paywar a blockade on Viridian. We've organized multidrops and such, but when it comes to a heads-up blockade, we kept it as clean as possible. I'm pretty sure, regardless of what island is in question, we aren't going to paywar. Even during the hostile battle with RM, there were tons of intimidating comments passed by both sides but on the blockade day, it was alot cleaner. Sure, I've paywared in the past but we're beyond that. I personally prefer sinking over non sinking anyday. I prefer 300+ jobbers in a blockade than 100-150. It's not really possible to get these things at every blockade and hence we should save it for the better islands that are more worth fighting for. However, smaller blockades at outpost islands with non-sinking promise to encourage people isn't a bad idea at all. Something is better than nothing.

The problem has been apparent for quite some time and Cai, you're a smart guy you know exactly why you're at where you're at. If you ally half the ocean, then throw an NAP with the other half to beat that one flag that was actually making blockades happen, you're going to end up with a very slim list of possible targets. This isn't anything unique it's actually really common, I mean take a look at hunter for example. The problem is the hunt for absolutes.

Alliances are never a bad thing in the long run for more than just jobber support. If these one flag had some significant and helpful allies, the ocean could've actually been very competitive. Such flags have a very short run as they'll ultimately go down when the others unite. Being the bad guy only lasts for a limited time. Its a lopsided battle. Alliance wars is what would keep an ocean active throughout the year. Else, we will all be waiting for the one bad guy to stir things and then wait for the next after the previous one has self-destructed.

What I mean by this is, people look for the most of everything, the most pay the most jobbers the most islands and the most experienced staff. This leads to stagnation. If you truly want some blockades to happen, you'd do some real change, not some "feel free to hit up our outposts for nonsinky" stuff. There's been a flag that did exactly what I'm talking about in the past which is why I know why it works. RM dropped out of the AoD and a little later Viridian ocean was on fire. This is how it has to go down, a flag rises to power and then forfeits it for the sake of reviving the blockade game.

If you truly are after blockades and not more political image and jobbing support, that's what you should do.

This again is your short term view. Imagine if RM and Legacy stuck with each other tightly while we were trying to break-through, the battle would've been almost never ending. Just look at the decreasing number of blockades since RM retired. When we actually tried to stir Legacy (the bad guys of that time) up with the multi-drop, they backed out while we were all pumped up for some massive blockades. Atleast we saw Fintan last weekend and it actually made me happy that they're trying to get back on the block and didn't totally fade out. Almost every flag take the political game very seriously and if you blockade them, they consider it as backstabbing a friend. Can I ask you to do the same on Hunter? (i.e Dropping out of Exposed/Blue Ice alliance and help Illusion cade them?) Its not something so easy to do without losing ALOT of friends that you've made over the years. The reason I said that no flag is ruled out from this is because I've not limited this offer just to non allied parties but to our own allies aswell. For example, if Antheas wants to hit us with these terms, I'd be serve them too.
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