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Posted by warp11 at Nov 15, 2011 4:47:14 PM
Re: *Knockout's Outpost Blockade Policy*
Honestly it's a good thought and all but it smells Dendrite fund all the way to Malachite. I hate to say it but there is no way this is going to work for the same reason the Dendrite fund didn't work. People are going to look for cost efficiency, and when I say cost efficiency I don't mean dropping on Knockout with Surtsey as the prize. Weak flags (or flags that appear weak) holding valuable islands is what attracts most blockades. It's not a coincidence that Dilemma has been hit three weeks in a row at Harmattan. People get into blockading through blockading for the islands, it's later we start enjoying the blockade for what it is, not what it produces.

Therefore, you are offering something people simply aren't interested in, that's the sad and honest truth. All it truly ends up being is a little banner saying "we want to improve the blockading scene" just like the kind Legacy flew at Dendrite. Sorry guys but this is political stuffing and wishful thinking.

The problem has been apparent for quite some time and Cai, you're a smart guy you know exactly why you're at where you're at. If you ally half the ocean, then throw an NAP with the other half to beat that one flag that was actually making blockades happen, you're going to end up with a very slim list of possible targets. This isn't anything unique it's actually really common, I mean take a look at hunter for example. The problem is the hunt for absolutes.

What I mean by this is, people look for the most of everything, the most pay the most jobbers the most islands and the most experienced staff. This leads to stagnation. If you truly want some blockades to happen, you'd do some real change, not some "feel free to hit up our outposts for nonsinky" stuff. There's been a flag that did exactly what I'm talking about in the past which is why I know why it works. RM dropped out of the AoD and a little later Viridian ocean was on fire. This is how it has to go down, a flag rises to power and then forfeits it for the sake of reviving the blockade game.

If you truly are after blockades and not more political image and jobbing support, that's what you should do.
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