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Posted by glittertjess at Nov 15, 2011 7:38:10 AM
Re: *Knockout's Outpost Blockade Policy*

If let's say a new flag manages to win one of your outposts, are you going to visit them in the near future?

How about when a 3rd party shows up at one of these arranged outposts blockades? How will KO react to that, since a 3rd party doesn't work in the favor of a new flag when it's one of their first blockades. Plus I can't imagine you'd want these blockades to go sky high in pay for the sake of the less experienced flags.

If the initial blockade costs are low (lets say less than a mill or maybe a little more) and we feel like blockading that particular outpost again, we will. However, we aren't going to keep visiting them week after week till they give up defending.

KO will not ally any thirdparties during the blockade. We will treat any thirdparty neutrally, regardless of who they are. We will shoot them and ask the attackers to do the same. We most likely won't be matching the thirdparty's offer aswell. If they happen to drop a warchest, this may change.
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