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Posted by Ezder at Nov 14, 2011 11:33:17 PM
Re: *Knockout's Outpost Blockade Policy*
Good luck!

I reacted when I saw the "paycap" part, since a paycap alone would give Knockout a huge advantage over most flags. But if you think you can keep jobbing even anyway - fair enough.

I'll just once again point out the possibility of "total pay cap" instead, as at least worth a try. Say that you, and the attacker, can only add, say, 1 million to the job offer - no more. If you run out, you run out. Then both sides have to work to limit pay raises and keep jobbing even (if you outjob, you'll use the PoE faster), and are even in terms of PoE shortage. In the bes of worlds, it should give a blockade that is competitive, yet cheap. Of course, it requires some trust, but so do all pre-arranged blockades with terms.

Just an idea.

Edit: It's implicit, but I'll say it anyway - given the political situation, it is highly likely that all pay raises will be done by the attacker, in order to catch up. Therefore, a paycap would only limit them, not you, since all you have to do outjob (if you wish to, not saying you do) is to match on the cap, and there will be nothing they can do. In other words, a paycap is a very empty offer. Non-sinking, on the other hand, is highly relevant.

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