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Posted by glittertjess at Nov 14, 2011 11:30:40 PM
Re: *Knockout's Outpost Blockade Policy*
I like it, seems well thought out. I hope it works out and is used.

I have never been a huge fan of pay caps. Especially with a climate as politically lopsided as Viridian. By flexible are you suggesting it changes during the cade, or can be changed pre-cade?

Would a better option possibly be setting an amount by which poe can be raised? Say both sides agree to only raise by 100 poe when down, and communicate prior to raises from both sides. This still allows for cheap blockades but gives a flexibility to it all.

We are fine with no pay-caps if that's what the attacker wants. PoE isn't our concern so we are offering paycap if someone wishes it (at like lets say 1.5k). The option you suggested about raising a set amount will be covered aswell. We will agree to whatever the attacker is comfortable with regarding pay-raises. When pay evetually gets higher, raises have to be more significant to catch-up in the desired time. So lets say if pay get to 1.5k and the side-outjobbed raises by 100, they might not be able to catch-up in time. Hence I think agreeing to raising by a set amount might not work out in the long-run. We can start off by with just 50 raise even when the starting pay is 500/seg and maybe by 150 or 200 if it goes down to later rounds and the pay is significantly higher. I'm basically willing to do anything that works best for the particular attacker regarding payraises and caps.
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