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Posted by Reeves90 at Nov 14, 2011 11:18:16 PM
Re: *Knockout's Outpost Blockade Policy*
Not interested in the Surtsey event ? Don't worry, we have more to offer for our outpost islands!


Knockout will keep any blockade on our outposts (Conglin, Spectre or any future outposts that we may win) nonsinking and offer a flexible paycap that will suit anyone who wishes to attack us! All you need to do is contact us in advance, arrange the blockade times and suggest your pay-cap. We will keep the blockade fair with even-jobbing. In some cases, if we feel that we have a significant nav-edge on our opposition and are winning comfortably , we may even let you outjob us by 20% along with ocean-side advantage! We are also willing to help you get better at blockading if you ask us for advices or even arrange experienced staffs to help you out on the blockade day. Knockout will be taking requests for friendly blockades from next week. We will only agree to a maximum of 2 friendly blockades per week (first come, first serve basis). In some odd cases due to real life issues, we may decline requests but we will get back to you some other time. No flag is ruled out from our outpost-blockade policy unless the attacker is hostile and fails to communicate with us before and even after the warchest has been dropped. Any suggestions or questions? Feel free to post them, we are open to suggestions.

I like it, seems well thought out. I hope it works out and is used.

I have never been a huge fan of pay caps. Especially with a climate as politically lopsided as Viridian. By flexible are you suggesting it changes during the cade, or can be changed pre-cade?

Would a better option possibly be setting an amount by which poe can be raised? Say both sides agree to only raise by 100 poe when down, and communicate prior to raises from both sides. This still allows for cheap blockades but gives a flexibility to it all.
~ Reeves/Rreeves ~

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