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Posted by Therealhunta at Nov 12, 2011 6:10:54 AM
Re: RAF's intent to fight the outbreak
Let's be honest, RAF is simply Dahlgren and Anchovia/Roseh + RM.

Will RM defend TLM with Dalnoth, Flar, Dahlgren, Seep, Sheeran, Justsilly, Reeves and Co against the new navs from Outbreak?

A bit excessive on the firepower won't ya all say? Or will they nav on unknown alts? <3 Fair play my butt, RAF.

Firstly, the RAF peeps were all named in the thread and on the TLM island NB..... you are right, Dahl, Roseh and Anch are all named on there.... Congrats?

RM are defending TLM in the sense that RAF are utilising RM for the defence... ummm... still not a top secret file.

Now as for navs.. ROFLROFLROFLROFL. Since when is it a "War Crime" to use whatever navs are asked? Be it the normal navs or otherwise?

Lastly, no. There is no need for any of the listed navs to use an "Unknown" alt to nav from, once again there are no secrets necessary.
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