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Posted by M_Cobain at Nov 11, 2011 7:02:11 AM
Re: Lost old poems!
Not so long ago

There was a time,
not so long ago,
when pirates were still men.

They wore their hats,
abused their children,
doing their duty in a can.

During that time,
not so long ago,
there was a pirate named Nemo.

Puzzled by their ethics,
he found himself struggling,
the poor little pirate turned emo.

He stood up one day,
not so long ago,
and decided to better his ways.

A concept was founded,
his friends got rallied,
an idea no longer a mere haze.

During those days,
not so long ago,
his thoughts emerged into a game.

The puzzles were set,
a community born,
and Nemo swapped emo for fame.

Today we can see,
looking back in time,
whiney lyrics will never prevail

Though founded by Nemo,
who is pretty emo,
whiners aren't always destined to fail.

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