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Posted by Sdafda at Nov 11, 2011 6:55:12 AM
Last minute event!
There will be a 1 round event blockade at Wissahickon today, November 11, at...I don't know the time. Look at the blockade board to figure it out.

1 round
Ignoring alliance


1. Only 1 ship is allowed for the ENTIRE round for each flag. That means, choose your ship and naver wisely.

2. There is NO pay cap. Pay as much as you like.

3. SNM has the right to take part in the event, following these same guidelines.


Flag with the most points gets 100k (Or more depending on how I feel and how many people show up but, yeah nothing less than 100k). The poe will be paid to the monarch of the respective flags.

P.S. This was a last second thing I just thought of. I will loan out war brigs if anyone needs. Send me a tell.
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