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Posted by yrrab2 at Nov 10, 2011 7:32:20 AM
Lost old poems!

Time for some ole' piratery poems!

Event Description

Each participant will have to write a poem, short or long I won't bother! but it has to be Puzzle Pirate related!

How to enter

- Find Weeding online
- Entry Fee: 1000 PoE per Poem

How long does this last?

Starting Date : 10th November 2011
End Date : 20th November 2011

Winner will be announced on the 25th of November 2011

How to win

The most fascinating poem will win the contest! me and 4 more judges will decide who the winner is, the judges names will not be listed now until the end of the event.

Judge 1 - Weeding
Judge 2 -
Judge 3 -
Judge 4 -
Judge 5 -


- We need at least 5 participants for this event to be held.
- Participants may reserve as seat by PMing me their in game name.



There is only 1 winner! and the Prize will be...

- Stocked Sloop
- 25,000 PoE
- Trinkets

Other prizes will be given for those poems that the judges and me like but didn't make it to first place.


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