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Posted by Cincinnatio at Nov 9, 2011 9:28:56 PM
Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
Pirate Name: Cincinnatio
Ocean: Hunter
Story Title: Hells Ocean
Entry Category And Prize Reference: Both Categories, Parrot first, then any of the other 2

Audio Link:

The year was 1491 and i had been traveling for many months now. The journey here from Africa was ferocious and devastating for many. We wanted to find gold, and food. Out of the 75 that had token the dangerous journey only 17 of us remained. My name is Jock Bluebird and i will tell you about my journey across the Atlantic ocean to where i came to be now.

Part 1: The Loading

Africa, June 2nd, 1491.

Today is the day that 75 brave men and women make their journey across the Atlantic ocean, also mentioned as "Hells Body Of Water". They call it this because of the many ships that have left port and never came back. We begin loading our ship at sun rise, which makes things easier due to the last couple of days being dark and rainy. Loading a ship in Africa was very different then in Europe because we had to make sure we took as much supplies needed so that we could last in The West Indies for 3 years before getting anymore shipments. It took about 16 hours to load the ship and get everyone prepared for the months ahead.

Part 2: Savages from Britain:

The Atlantic Ocean September 17th, 1491

It had been over 3 months since the journey had begun and there had been no attacks or any man or woman lost. Well things had changed that day, Savages from Britain thought that an attack on our vessel would please the king. British Soldier "Hand over all of your booty or we shall fire our weapons". The crew refused and I yelled out "Never you savages aren't going to take anything from my crew!" British General "Men point your weapon and FIRE!". That day 55 men and women were lost and all that remained were 20. They had taken 37 of them back to Britain for ransom from the king.

Part 3: The Glory Days:

December 29th, 1491

The weather over the past few months were incredible which meant that our men were able to quickly and efficiently get fishing through. We had enough to feed our crew for nearly 10 years! We lost 3 people to disease during the past few months but 17 men were able to move our War Brig. My crew was even complimenting my way of ocean life. There were rarely days where we saw rain and absolutely no snow. After awhile i noticed ships going by us and coming towards us which i knew meant we were close to land.

part 4: Land Ho!

January 7th, 1492

After months of hopes in finding land our hard work and effort pays off. while sailing i noticed a island which looked like The West Indies as some described it to me before we set sail. "Land Ho. I yelled as loud as i could." The crew hurried to port and i gave them the thumbs up to explore the island for any gold and food. I found a beautiful island and a beautiful beach full of sand dollars.

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