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Posted by darius_2328 at Nov 9, 2011 7:03:39 PM
Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
Pirate Name : Iceblaze
Ocean: Hunter Ocean
Story Title: The Lost Treasure
Entry Category and Prize Preference: Both categories, Parrot first - Name: Amillia
Audio Link :

There was a cat named Sparrow. He was the captain of a crew and owner of a ship named, The Balls of Wool. Captain Cat Sparrow, known as this to his mates, was a very handsome fellow. He had a long curvy tail, wore a Captain’s hat and covered himself with a long black jacket. He was a great captain and his crew sailed with him where ever he went.
“Captain, when are we porting? We are almost out of milk.” asked by a very small voice.
Captain Sparrow replied back, “Don’t worry Cabin Jolly. We are almost to our destination.”
Then Captain Sparrow boomed in a loud commanding voice, “EVERYONE FULL SAILS! STATION UP, MATES!!”
Almost instantly lots of cats were running all over the deck finding a place to work. Sails were raised and the ship glided into the open sea.
Soon night came and some of the tired cats left to lie down. Others were left on deck enjoying their milk. Captain Sparrow was in his cabin looking over a map and charting the route for the next day. Meanwhile, Cabin Jolly was in the crow’s nest with his brother, Cabin Rolly. Jolly was scanning the water towards the North and east while Rolly was watching the south and east directions for ships. Suddenly, Rolly saw a black ship in front of him on the horizon. He called to his brother and both of them rushed from the crow’s nest and ran to the Captain’s cabin. Jolly and Rolly kicked open the door without knocking and races into the cabin.
“Cat Sparrow!” Jolly yelled excitedly.
“WHAT DID YOU SAY Cabin Jolly?”demanded Sparrow with a terrifying look in his eyes as he turned towards the trembling cat.
“ Captain Cat Sparrow……” Jolly replied with a scared expression on his face.
“Much better,” commented Sparrow, “Why did you disturb me?”
“Captain, we are being chased by the black ship!” said Jolly and Rolly at the same time.
Sparrow pushes them both out the door and rushes to the helm, yelling “ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!! PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!”
Soon the deck was alive with half-asleep scurrying cats getting ready for the battle. Meanwhile the black ship was approaching closer and closer becoming bigger and bigger. Looking through a spyglass, Cat Sparrow recognized his arch enemy’s face; Captain Panther Pat.
“It’s Captain Cat Sparrow, and I will never tell you, Pat,” Snarled Sparrow in reply.
Pat, in a very angry fearsome voice, replies, “Well, if you won’t give me my treasure or tell me where it is, then you will not be alive to enjoy it.” And he laughs evilly scaring the frightened cats.
“PREPARE TO FIRE!!,” Shouted Panther Pat to his crew.
All of his crew of cats was ready and prepared in firing the cannons. While Sparrow’s cats were still sleepy and yawning near.
“Then you are foolish and you all will die and your ship will be found at the bottom of this here ocean,” replied Pat.
“OPEN FIRE!!!!!” was all that could be heard.
Suddenly, lots of cannons were fired and cannon balls were humming through the air coming from Pat’s ships. Sparrow’s crew was dodging the balls by running and jumping off the ship. Bodies were seen sprawled all over.
“That’s what you get for stealing my treasure, Sparrow,” yelled Pat.
In a matter of minutes, everything was destroyed. Small pieces were drifting in the water and The Ball of Wool and all of the unlucky crew was sinking under the salty sea.
Morning came, on a far island, there sat a rowboat. On the shore were three sleeping cats. Sunlight coming over the trees hitting one of them in the face; Captain Cat Sparrow woke up and turned to the other two cats.
“Wake up Jolly and Rolly. We survived the attack and now we need to go find the treasure.”
Both of the cats woke up and stretched, happily to have survived the attack and escaping in the rowboat. Sparrow handed each of them a shovel. He then motioned for them to follow him. He walked to a palm tree that was marked with an “X”, turned left and walked 50 feet to a huge rock. At the rock he turned left again and walked 80 feet to a sandy spot on the ground. He looked at the two cats and said,”dig up boys.” And Jolly and Rolly started digging in the sand. While they were digging, Sparrow was enjoying a light meal of fresh coconuts and coconut milk.
Several hours had passed when a shovel hit something.
Jolly Shouted, “ Captain Cat Sparrow, we found something!”
Sparrow awoke from his nap and jumped down into the big pit. “Good Job mates” as he passed them going to the big chest. As Sparrow was trying to open the chest Jolly and Rolly were whispering to each other about what was in the chest.
“I bet it is a lot of coins and gold.” “No precious jewels and lots of gold.”
Smiling, Cat Sparrow opened the lid half way, and turned to both of them and said, “Nope.” He opened the lid all of the way and said, “Even Better.” The brothers looked into the chest to see the best treasure of all times: Gallons of Milk and Balls of String.

The End

Number of words: 914
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