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Posted by Reddress at Nov 9, 2011 4:42:13 AM
Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
Pirate Name:Redasa
get time only to do Text :<

The tale of the demonic cat

"Hello there lad! Yes you,the one who been staring me all night, came closer, and satisfy your curiosity!
Here, isn't it much better? Well, i assume you want to know how my face end up like this.
So let me tell you the story of Cat sparrow, the cat with soul of a demon ! "

"Our story begins many years ago, when Long john visit is favorite leopard.
His leopard was a magnificent and beautiful animal.
The leopard lived in a castle, long john castle. But long John wasn't very much in his castle, he was at sea!
but that night long John didn't came for a friendly visit, nor to admire is beloved pet.
He came to give the pet a gift - the gift of intelligence.
you see, many years ago, Long John made a deal with a demon, the demon of intelligence, Sparrow.
The demon promise him vast knowledge of the sea and it's inhabitants. in return, Long john promise the demon, who was trapped at the time at gold medallion, that one day, Long John will find him a new body.
And Long John's leopard was dying; So Long John was hoping that mixing the leopard with the demon will save it's life.
Long John put the Golden medallion on the leopard, and wait for the demon to take the leopard body.
But what happen was completely unexpected, and was so shocking that Long John never recover from the horrors he seen that day.
The combination of Sparrow and the cat wasn't smooth as he'd hope. it wasn't just a cat with a demon soul, it's was some demonic
cat, who was had the figure of human been!
The creature, that now had a intelligence, went outside, and say it's first human words: 'My name is Cat Sparrow, and i will be A mighty
pirate captain!"
Sadly, no one was there to hear him, so he walk all the way to the local inn, and repeat himself.
All the pirates in the inn Was horrified from the demonic creature, and run away faster then a merchant brig when seeing a pirate ship!
Cat Sparrow went out of the empty inn in despair.
But Sparrow was not the demon to give up! he search all over the land for the foul creatures, the cursed pirates, the circus freaks,
the lesser demonic animals, and he even found one completely human pirate, but he was so ugly and hairy, that everyone was sure that he is a monkey.
While on his search, he encounter a very interesting legend.
While searching the local library for demonic creatures, he found out that he wasn't the only higher demon still trapped in the human realm.
If the legend was correct, his sister Veriga, the Demon of Power, is trapped on insula arenam, the island of sand.
Cat Sparrow decide right then, that is goal in this cat-like life will be to free his sister form what ever prison she in, so demon glory can once again rise.
after getting all the crew he needed, the only thing missing was a mighty ship.
Sparrow use the only method he knew to get things, promising great intelligence.
Sadly, the shipbuilder get mad after realizing that all his life was a lie.
But stuff like that didn't bother Cat Sparrow. He just was glad that is starting the journey to insula arenam, and to free his sister.
That island Was far far away, so Sparrow and his ship, The Endless Intelligence, and his crew was 7 years at sea. I wish I could tell you
about all the adventures they had, but I'm afraid that if I do, the gates to Hell itself will be open before I will able to finish.
So i will just tell one of the many tales, the one that summarize Cat Sparrow entire story.
One day, at the third years to their voyage, the observer has spotted a strange ship, with red sails and a drop of blood for a flag, heading towards The Endless Intelligence.
Captain Cat Sparrow order the crew to enter battle stations, for he had a feeling that he must investigate the strange ship.
Shortly, the battle begin. Sparrow use the same method he use each battle - he use his demonic abilities to raise his crew Intelligence so that no mortal ship can ever win them in a battle.
And soon enough, Captain Cat Sparrow was marching down the strange ship, looking for the captain quarters.
And in there was a man dress with a long black robe with a red Cross, Black long sleeves shirt and pants, both with red crosses as well, and two long swords to his back.
He looked with a furies eyes at cat sparrow and said "You are demons! you all are! prepare to die!"
He draw his swords and attack.
With only wave of his paw, Cat Sparrow make The Demon hunter forget all his battle skills, dropped his weapons, and fell down to his knees.
After restoring the demon hunter's intelligence, Cat Sparrow has explain his punishment:
"You're a Stupid and full prejudices! Just because someone is in animal form, doesn't mean they are demons! But yes, i am a demon. The demon of intelligence.
And one of my duty being such, is to mark the unintelligent fools i encounter. Sadly to you, prejudice is the one thing i hate the most.
Your punishment, my not so dear friend, is the mark of stupidity. Every intelligent person who will set his eyes on you will immediately what a fool you are, and so won't listen to a word coming out of your mount."
Cat Sparrow put his hand on the poor man forehead, and marking in the shape of 2 Crossed Questions marks.
Sparrow and his crew came back to the ship, and continue their voyage.
After four years later, and many glorious battles, The Endless Intelligence had finally arrived at insula arenam.
Sparrow and his Crew took out a boat to the island, and stand out on the beach. Who was all the island, because it was all sand. Cat sparrow took out his spyglass and search the island.
They all formed a circular across the tree, and Sparrow took a step forward "Is this my own sister who stuck in this tree? I came here to release you!" and in the tree, there was a movement, and a female face was created.
"Yes my brother, you are correct. and i see you broght some cattle with you. good thing brother." the tree said, in such a voice that only Sparrow could hear. and out loud she said
"Is any of you mortels will like power? such power that you could revenge every one who ever done bad to you? you all look like ones who could use such power."
No spook, until the crew cook, a person which was a normal man, beside the fact he has a head of a bunny said, "What is your price, demond?"
"Only one drop of blood, me dear friend. just drop it on my roots, and power will be yours, mr bunny.
The cook step forward, took out is cooking knife, and cut his palm, and drop his blood on the sand near the tree.
Seconds later, the blood absorbed in the sand grew up into tall red tree-like creature. "And here for my part of the deal,my dear bunny. this knife you're holding is now have the abilty to extrat revenge.
every man you will hit with that knife will imeditly end up in hell-like prision. but use it carfuly, or you end up there as well." The bunny smile, and put the knife in his belt.
"And now, my brother, it's time to go. out brothers and sisters are waiting. this world sure could use demonic help."

"And that's the story of cat sparrow, the demon cat.
Every single word of it is true, and i get this stupid marking on my face to prove that!"

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