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Posted by Elliptic at Nov 7, 2011 12:39:38 PM
Re: Dilemma's intent to crash a train into island sitters.
I didn't see the blockade. I didn't know what had happened. Just because something could be paraphrased or explained in a certain (correct) way doesn't mean it's hard to misunderstand or just be not sure of.

Nathanshawn's post came after a post from Whitehaze that made me think the blockade was already over. I thought it was just post-game congratulations - and not mentioning pulling out, it can be read that way. Of the two posts following, only Hazarath's says something is unfinished and, yeah, it puzzled me when I read it. I think I discounted it after the "Necromancer role?" post, assuming the blockade was already "dead" or something.

What I'd expect for notification is in-game communication. I've checked now and that happened, but it wasn't mentioned in the thread. That's why I was asking.
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