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Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
The Tale of Captain Cat Sparrow (Because I'm original)
Category 1, requested name is Banstick

T'was a long time ago, back when the world was ruled by only the strongest. Some may call it a better time, others a worse. The only thing that is known for certain is that it was a simpler time, when the world was only as big as someone was willing to make it. Captain Cat Sparrow was not only among the strongest, but he also wanted to make the world seem as big as possible, through his many explorations. Though he tried feverishly, he could never get royal backing for any of his insane expeditions with no goals in mind. After finally giving up on the royal backing, he decided to turn to piracy.

Cat started his years out as a lowly deckhand, attempting to work his way up the ranks of his crew and save up enough money to start his own. After five years of hard labor and little profit, he decided that working hard would not get him far in this world, so he picked a quicker way to get his crew. Cat attempted to incite mutiny throughout the ship, but none of the other sailors would help him, for they were happy with their captain. Cat continued his duties to the best of his ability, until one day their ship sailed a bit to close to another vessel.
A fight ensued, with the ships trading blows with cannonballs, but Cat was steady in his work. He kept the guns loaded as best he could, until the ships boarded one another. In the midst of the sword fight, Cat noticed his captain get mortally wounded, and, being the opportunist he was, finished him off. After the battle was won, the crew noticed that their captain had been killed, and started the search for a new one. When the first mate stepped up, Cat promptly cut him down, taking the ship as his own and starting his adventures anew.
The next twenty years passed by quicker than Captain Cat could have imagined, his name growing in infamy, and the world growing to immeasurable sizes through his travels. He had seen everything from mermaids to the Devil himself, and defeated any challenges that came his way.
That is, until one day, when the British Navy finally caught up to him. They had heard that he was planning one last expedition for his greatest treasure yet, and they wanted to know where he was going. Being a proper pirate, he did not tell them, and instead got to his ship and left for the expedition, albeit a few hands down from what he was wanting. A few weeks went by without incident, until the Captain turned to see that the entirety of the British fleet was behind him, with their guns at the ready.
Cat Sparrow knew that this fight was impossible to win, but being so close to the expedition site, he could not allow them to follow him any longer. He turned the ship to fire at them, but they were on him before the first gun could be made ready to fire.
The ship was pelted with cannonballs from all directions, the crew being violently slung from the ship into the cold, freshly red waters below. The wood was splintering in front of the balls, and the crew never had a chance. The Captain had tried his best to go down with his ship, but a cannonball flung him off the side and allowed him to join the rest of his crew in the water.
The Captain woke up on the shore of a nearby island, slowly getting to his feet, and realizing that the rest of his crew did not make it. He looked all around him to get an idea of where he was, and he noticed the beauty of this island untouched by man, and from the looks of the sky, with good reason. The sky looked as violent as the sea in the midst of a storm, but the surrounding waters were as clear as a good shot of whiskey. The nearby rocks looked to be naturally formed, with one nearby being shaped as an arch, with other rocks of various sizes and shapes scattered throughout the sea, all with a lackluster glow of aqua.
The Captain reached down to pick up his sword, and pulled out his telescope to get a better view of the his surroundings. As he turned around, he noticed two of his crew members row up to the island in a small dingy, most likely deserters, but the situation was too dire now to properly punish them. Sparrow put them to work, getting them to build a shelter and find food for the three of them, while he explored a little.
Days slowly passed by, with the sky never clearing up, nor any progress being made on figuring out exactly where they were. The Captain eventually decided to pull out his trusty map, the one that guided him to all of the treasures he had found throughout his long journey. As he sat staring at it, he realized that they had reached their destination after all. The Captain exclaimed in joy, and asked his crew members to prepare to leave the camp, for they were almost at their final destination.
The three weary pirates walked for weeks, until they reached what could only be their destination, a giant tree that appeared to reach all the way into the sky. There was a small pool of water at the bottom, and one of the pirates went to go drink from it. As he touched it, he mysteriously fell over. The other pirate went over to help him, before the Captain told him to stop. That water was the water of wisdom, meant for no mortal to touch. It was a drink only for the most powerful of gods, and they had disturbed it.
A bolt of lightning hit the ground nearby, causing both adventurers to turn and face it. Suddenly, another one hit the pirate, leaving the Captain in shock. He realized that these were unnatural forms of lightning, and went to take cover by the tree, where no mortal or god who knew better would strike. One more bolt hit the ground in front of the Captain, but after the light had worn off, it left a figure standing there.
A tall, muscular man stood in front of the Captain. He appeared to be of great age and wisdom, while still retaining the strength of his youth. He pulled out his sword and pointed it at the Captain, a gesture signifying a mutual respect and an offer for a duel to the death.
The Captain accepted, for he always knew that it might come down to a battle against a god. The Captain pulled out his sword and started to strike at the challenger, and the fight seemed to be evenly matched. The Captain could hardly notice the time that was passing during this fight, but he did notice once it turned to night, and then day again. However, he did not feel as tired as he should, feeling the aura of the tree must have made him stronger than just a mortal.
A week quickly passed by, with the duel continuing on, neither participant getting even a glancing blow onto the other. The Captain knew that this fight could go on forever at this pace, and quickly dove at the god, piercing him through the chest with his sword. But the win came at a grave cost, for the Captain could feel a sword through his chest as well.
The Captain slowly made his way over to the pool of water, knowing that someone who proved themselves worthy by felling a god must be strong enough to drink from the pool. As he touched the water, he felt slightly stronger, but still knew that death was coming. He quickly drank as much as he could, but the cold fingers of death were still crawling about his body. He had enough energy left for one more act, one act of the paranormal. He used his last breath implanting this story in the minds of young children, for they would know that it was real, and to spread it like wildfire.
The Captain's body went limp, and his story ended. But his story spread like he knew it would, so much that it is even remembered to this day.
The people about there, had they been awake instead of asleep, at other times would have seen even stranger things. Some day, but not at this time, I shall make an announcement of something that I never once dreamed of.

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