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Posted by Xamtheking at Nov 4, 2011 3:24:09 PM
Re: Tales of Cat Sparrow [Entry Thread]
Pirate Name: Xamtheking
Ocean: Viridian
Voice Recording Link: Sorry for the multiple parts, three mins max per recording
(Lost my Recording Device for a bit, so part 3 and on won't have voiced parts)
Story Name: The Legend Of Cat Sparrow(Sorry for my average story name, I know.)
Side Note: For the first part of the story, Cat Sparrow will be refered to as Nick, but this will be short, just saying this in advance.
Side Note to my side note: When Nick is talking in part one, the other cat is the original Cat Sparrow. Nick becomes Cat Sparrow near the end of Part 1
P.S. This is my first time writing in a competition.
Edit: If I win the voice part of this competition, I'd like a violet parrot named Bob.
Part 1
Nick, an orange tabby with brown spots, was bored. He had been
slowly tearing up the couch when a strange cat came flying through the open window, faster than a dog chases a cat. The cat yelped as in hit the floor, and said, "Owww! I think my front leg is broken!" Nick, after his initial shock, ran across the living room to the downed cat. "Are you alright?" said Nick with worry. The strange cat got up, groomed itself, and said, "I'm fine. I'm just testing your kindness to other cats. Nick responded, "Why would you need to do that?" The strange cat purred and said,"To see if you are my successor. I am old, and need someone to take my place as master of the Five Feline Oceans." "What is your name?" Nick said. The strange cat replied, "Captain Cat Sparrow, at your service. I uphold honesty and bravery throught the oceans." Nick said, "Why me?" Cat Sparrow smiled, and said,"Why not you? Can you think of another who needs freedom more than you?" Nick said, "You're right. Now, what should I do to become your successor?" Cat Sparrow replied, "By offering to help me, you have shown that you are kind enough to offer help to those who need it, regardless of shape or size. I bestow upon you my title, and I name you Captain Cat Sparrow." The new Captain said," How do I get to the Five Feline Oceans?" The strange cat flicked his tail in a northern direction, and said, "There is a portal in that direction. It will take you to the Oceans. It is your destiny. Now go, and have good luck. Goodbye." Cat Sparrow said, "Thank you for everything! I shall remember you for all my nine lives." The strange cat said, "Thank you. Those are good words for me to hear, before I die. You have given me eternal peace." Then the strange cat closed his eyes, stopped breathing, and crumbled into dust. Nick jumped out the window, kept running north, found the portal, and jumped through it.

Part 2
Cat Sparrow fell from the sky and landed on all four paws. As he adapted to his new surrondings, the smells of a nearby city beckoned him, and he set off for it in a run. As he arrived at the city, a pair of cats rushed forward and said, in unison, "Halt! Who goes there?" A voice in the Captain's mind told him that there was a ship in the harbor of this city, waiting for him. The ship was called The Dogwatcher. Cat Sparrow said, "I am Cat Sparrow, and I am boarding a ship of mine at this fair city's harbor, The Dogwatcher." The two cats bowed to him, and let him pass. As Cat Sparrow rushed to the harbor, the same voice in his mind told him that he did not need to rush, that he could take in his surroundings. As Cat Sparrow strolled around the city, the many cats suprised him. He had come from a world with no-one else to talk to, save for his old master, who spoke jibberish. Now, he was his own master! He could do what he wanted! Just thinking of this made him purr, and a loud purr it was. After looking through the city, Cat Sparrow walked to the harbor. His ship, The Dogwatcher, stood tall among the other ships in port. As Cat Sparrow boarded the ship, the cats aboard regarded him with caution, until he told them he was the new Cat Sparrow. As he rested in the comfy bed in the captain's room, he thought to himself, "What a turn my life has taken. I'm in an entirely new world, with extremely curious cats. I only hope that it's for the better. But for now, I rest." And then Cat Sparrow settled down for a good night's sleep.

Part 3
Cat Sparrow awoke to hollers of terror. Bursting out of the cabin, he said, "What is happening?" Then he saw the storm. It had come on them from nowhere, and could send the ship to the bottom of the ocean. Then, from up in the crow's nest, a gray cat shouted, "Land ahoy! Shall we try to get to it, or try to get through the storm? Cat Sparrow replied, "Let's get to the island, it's bound to be safer!" The navigating cat steered the boat toward the island, and they ran up against it, but the navigating cat was so skilled not a scratch was found on the ship. As they all disembarked the ship, the storm rumbled far away. Cat Sparrow said, "This island doesn't look dangerous, in fact, it looks pleasant. Any takers for resting here for a few nights?" The entire crew purred with agreement and happiness. As they all settled in and started making temporary settlements, Cat Sparrow spied something on the horizon. As he took out his trusty spyglass, one of his crew saw him, and thought of how picturesque he looked doing that. The cat started to make a sketch of the mighty Captain Cat Sparrow, looking at something in the horizon with his trusty spyglass. While the young cat was sketching the Captain, Cat Sparrow had seen a frightening sight through his spyglass. It was The Catscratcher, the deadliest ship in all the oceans. It was huge, and it belonged to the Dogs, those nasty scoundrels! It had 64 cannons, and could destroy a smaller ship like a dog ate a bit of dog food, the disgusting thing dogs ate. The Captain suddenly realized that had it not been for the storm, they would have been in the path of the ship, and most likely would have been sunk. As the Captain put his spyglass away, he said to his crew, "Want to hear something strange?" His crew gave meows of curiosity. Cat Sparrow said, "If it had not been for that storm, if we had not come to this island because of it, we would have crossed the path of the Catscratcher, the deadliest ship in the ocean. We would have most likely been sunk. The storm did more good to us than harm!" The crew started laughing, in the strange way cats laugh.
After staying for a few days, the crew deported and headed to the main cat-friendly city in all the oceans, Catlantis.

Part 4
As the Dogwatcher ported in the harbor of Catlantis, quite a few cats rushed to see the Captain and his crew. Among the hustle and bustle, one cat in particular burst out and went up right next to the captain and whispered, "I've been expecting you. Follow me." The Captain and his crew slowly followed the cat through the masses, and they arrived at a tall building, with a picture of a cat fighting a dog on it. They all entered the building, and they went up some stairs until they reached what appeared to be a throne room. Sitting on the throne, which was very decorative, was a cat who appeared to be the Queen of Catlantis. There were two guards on either side of the throne. The cat they had followed introduced herself as Alexa, and said that the Queen's name was Graciella. Graciella said, "I require your assistance. I need someone loyal to wipe out the Dogs, once and for all. I have the best weapons, ships, and cats at my disposal. Will you help me?"
The Captain replied, "Of course. After all, you are my Queen. Now, when do we start?" The Queen replied, "Whenever you are ready." Captain Cat Sparrow replied, with a purr, "I'm ready now. Let us rid this world of evil once and for all." The Captain went on to give his life up to start a chain of events that would make a peace between the Cats and Dogs, in a world where there was no evil, only good.
The End

1326-1330 words, using both sites, my first time competitively writing. I'll try to get parts 3 and 4 up when I get my mic back, even if it's after the competition. Can't leave sight-impaired people hanging!