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Posted by kenjennings at Nov 4, 2011 10:41:03 AM
Re: Olive palace etc

I don't understand why people trash the furniture in buildings that transfer ownership with changes in rule in general, much less when someone clearly put in the effort to decorate the place.

There's nothing to be done about it now except redecorate it when the island is retaken (unless there's someway to return it to its previous state and unless Hurly continues to play with his first science kit) but I guess this is a warning to all how low the guys at PA will sink to pull one over on you because it's clear they aren't on a competitive level in any game-sanctioned competition.

Edit: The only thing you can do in-game would be a war dec, I guess, but IIRC, Hurly didn't represent us too well when TP was at war with VG, so I wouldn't count on him willingly stepping into any such arena.
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