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Posted by Apollo at Nov 4, 2011 6:15:49 AM
Island openings 2011 - event blockade
The next round of island openings will be decided by event blockade. Each blockade will be set up as two rounds, but the winner of the event will be the winner of the first round of the blockade. The monarch of the winning flag can choose between the listed options for their ocean, and their decision must be sent by PM to Apollo within 48 hours of the blockade finishing.

The event blockade
* 10am Saturday 26th November (simultaneous on all listed oceans)
* Two rounds - but first round is the scoring round (the second round is there just for you to play in, and so that the scores stay on the board a while longer)
* Sinking
* Dense obstacles
* Any ship size
* Cannons effective
* Alliances ignored
* Maneuvers allowed
* Extra treasure haul sites. We expect to put between 2-5 million PoE in treasure haul sites throughout the first round. At two points in the blockade (approximately 10:20 and 10:40) a one-million PoE wreck will be placed.
* Blockade locations:
Midnight: Alpha
Cobalt: Dragon's Nest
Viridian: Dragon's Nest
Sage: Lincoln
Hunter: Chachapoya
Malachite: Saltstraum Rock

Island (or prize) options
Prizes must be claimed by the winning flag's monarch within 48 hours of the blockade ending.

Cobalt options:
* Jubilee
* Windward Vale
* no island opening (and one of the Midnight prize options!)

Viridian options:
* Mermaid's Purse
* Stormy Fell
* Kuhio
* no island opening (and one of the Midnight prize options!)

Sage options:
* Cook
* Rowes
* no island opening (and one of the Midnight prize options!)

Hunter options:
* Immokalee
* Edgar's Choice
* Qaniit
* no island opening (and one of the Midnight prize options!)

Malachite options:
* Acanthaster Spits
* Stalwart Reef
* no island opening (and one of the Midnight prize options!)

Midnight prize options: no island openings on Midnight. We will look at options for 'reclaiming' player-owned islands next year, if the flags are still interested.
The event blockade on Midnight will have the following prize options:
* a package of 'charm' for an island you own (as always, choice and location of charm must be approved before being placed by an OM - the final decision won't be made within the 48 hour period for prize claims, but as long as the prize has been chosen by then, the discussion can start) - see the Charm Packages section below for your choice of packages, but note that the details may need to change depending on the island you are adorning.
* a grandiose flag hall (or an upgade to grandiose if you currently have a smaller one)
* a flag SMH - we will provide ship (your choice of size), stock, map (your choice of SMH type) and at least one OM to come along and puzzle for an hour or two, but you need to run the SMH! If you do well, and port the voyage safely, we may even throw some bonus PoE into the booty!
Charm package options:
-- Fountain with 2 wildflower planters
-- Pirate statue, either male or female plus 2 wildflower planters
-- Group of 3 sleeping pigs/piglets plus a trough
-- Group of 3 sleeping turtles/tortoises plus a driftwood
-- Well plus some greenery (exact details would depend on existing island vegetation - but e.g. 2 trees, 3 bushes, some scrubgrass)
-- Pair of armor (sword or spear, but must be two of the same type), must be paired and put in a suitable location

Island openings
For any islands that open for blockade at the end of this process, the island will be given to a Brigand King/Queen before the initial sinking colonization blockade. If the claims are made promptly, the island colonization blockades should be Saturday 3rd December - this is not set in stone, in case there are unforeseen delays.

What if there's no active monarch? I strongly suggest that (both for the event, and for any subsequent blockade) if your monarch is not active, your Royals vote someone else in to be your spokeperson through this process. You can always vote the original monarch back into position once they're active again. If you have an active monarch who just won't be around for the 48 hours after the event to claim a prize, get them to add a note to the flag info page nominating another Royal to post on their behalf.

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