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Posted by Ezder at Nov 4, 2011 12:34:19 AM
Olive palace etc
Before you say that, yes, I know they took the island and it's theirs to treat as they please.

And yes, I know we should have been there defending, if we didn't want this to happen.

But I still think that this is worth pointing out.

When I had Olive, I spent some time and effort decorating the palace. I wanted it to look like a green olive with pimento, and renamed it Pimento. I painted the entrance hall red, and all other rooms light green. After weeks of petitioning back and forth with Thalia, she recoloured the hanging banners in the entrance hall to red, and the throne and banners in the throne room to light green. I replaced the suits with armor to fit the colour scheme, and added red flowers and hanging fans to increase the "redness" of the Pimento entrance hall. I also added a laid table for eight upstairs, along with a bar, to make it a party hall. Sadly, I have no screenshots of it, but I know that I showed some of you.

I also built explorer's halls on Olive and Swampfen, which was very appreciated by those who use those maps etc, since EHs are apparently better when double.

When PA took Olive, I had the following conversation with the first governor of the island (not Hurly): (Including all the irrelevant tells because i don't want to post edited logs)

[15:41:16] (governor) tells ye, "Would you like to buy Olive Island back?"
[15:41:46] Ye told (governor), "Are you drunk?"
[15:41:57] (governor) tells ye, "ummm no"
[15:42:14] Ye told (governor), "But while we're talking about it"
[15:42:50] Ye told (governor), "I didn't remove my furniture because I expected you to be decent enough to not trash it just for the sake of it, like Dahlgren did at TLM"
[15:42:54] Ye told (governor), "Am I correct?"
[15:43:06] (governor) tells ye, "yeah i wont trash it, too nice"
[15:43:14] Ye told (governor), "Glad to hear :)"
[15:43:24] Ye told (governor), "I've spent a couple of millions on it, lol"
[15:43:36] (governor) tells ye, "wow the most ive ever owned was 200k"
[15:44:29] Ye told (governor), "Recolouring the hanging banners and the throne cost 800K, I think"
[15:44:36] (governor) tells ye, ":O"
[15:44:45] Ye told (governor), "Maybe.. 300K? To replace the armors"
[15:45:15] Ye told (governor), "The stuff upstairs... i didn't really count... but I think each chair is about 20K etc"
[15:45:27] Ye told (governor), "+ all the paint"
[15:45:30] (governor)tells ye, "wow Legacy must have ahd $$$"
[15:46:00] Ye told (governor), "Ya, lol"
[15:46:33] Ye told (governor), "I never got around to doing something about the other rooms, though :( I took it slow because I'm not really a furnisher"
[15:46:41] (governor) tells ye, "hahaha"
[15:47:05] Ye told (governor), "But I wanted the Olive palace to be an olive with red pimento"
[15:47:12] Ye told (governor), "And I renamed it too"

[15:47:17] (governor) tells ye, "Ill leave it as it is"
[15:47:25] Ye told (governor), "Thanks :)"
[15:47:33] (governor) tells ye, ":)"

Now Hurly is governor, and the palace looks like this:

It seems that some of my screenies got chat in them, so I'll leave them out, you can see for yourselves though.

And the bank:

Real estate:

And explorer's hall (admittedly, less serious):

Even if I had money, it would be pretty pointless to offer it for drops on Olive, with all the scuttles. But I can offer Legacy's jobber and staff support to 3Ps in the scuttle cades, as well as drops on PA, when/if that becomes possible.

I'm not impressed, Hurly.

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