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Posted by cattrin at Nov 2, 2011 5:18:59 AM
Re: Create seasonal winter trinkets for the game! [ENTRY THREAD]
Cattrin on Midnight

A re-enter from last year:

Trinket name: Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy is everywhere during the holidays. I've used it on gingerbread houses and have ornaments shaped like it. I think it'd be general winter.

So my initial idea was to have it have two colour changes (in cloth colour preferably)

With the red base colour changed to gold:

With the green base colour changed to gold:

With both colours changed (red to rose and green to teal)

Especially since ribbon candy comes in such many different colours and designs, it'd be neat. :)

Or, if that's too much, I made one that's just red and white:

Which would be just plain, no colour changes.

Second, less long-winded entry:

Trinket name: Holiday Card

Everyone always makes elaborate schedules out of their need to send out holiday greeting cards. This one would be winter as well.
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