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Posted by ryujinpp at Nov 1, 2011 6:23:29 AM
Re: Regarding the Spawning of the New Greenie Influx
Dwizzles wrote: 
Three Rings needs some core game play changes to help retain newer players and also keep older players around. Until that happens, they can combine into one ocean and population will continue to decrease.

OOO need to recognise that majority of gamers today are those who could only play 2~3hrs per day after school/work/etc and that those who could consistently play > 10hrs daily are just the minority

to increase playbase simply means being able to retain player bcos it is meaningless to have short-term influx of players who leaves instantly or within 1~2 week if there is no 'retention power'

with majority of players having limited gametime to PLAY, game design that requires them to WAIT in order to play just isnt going to keep them around for long (here i'm not referring to existing PP players but the general gaming audience)

putting aside graphical interface, sound effect etc etc.. ask yourself this question and answer honestly:
you could only afford to play 2~3hrs daily and you happened to stumble into this game call Puzzle Pirates; and you ended up waiting 1/3 of the time in order to play/puzzle while you are online... and there are many other games out there where you could play instantly ie 100% of your online time are spent playing/puzzling, where or what would you rather be playing?

existing PP players are different in that they have established something in the game, be it certain game goals that they wish to achieve before hanging up their swords or perhaps the social networking/friends that they have ingame etc etc

this don't apply to new players

new players need to be playing long enough to want to stay on playing, and making them wait in order to play just isnt going to keep them around for long
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