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Posted by Judiciousman at Oct 31, 2011 4:04:17 PM
Re: Intent for Dendrite
Second, somewhere in this convo Swede told you that all agreements would be cancelled if a third party joined, but I think you "forgot" to post that part...

Actually, the agreements say non sinking and a paycap. Starting the offer up at 1.8k/seg and making it sinking was violating the agreements; and this was before anyone began 3P'ing.

She works her ass off for the benefit of our flag and she in no way intended to "stomp" on a new, up and coming flag.

But she did.

There were many, many reasons why there is reason to believe Legacy was involved in the drops this weekend, and I don't understand why all the flags that were involved in the multi drops on Legacy can't see this.... And I'm starting to think this whole thing was set up by Legacy to make IC look like this.

Key word is believe. You didn't know, so you can't go assuming anything. Even if they were friends with Legacy... any Legacy allies blockading you will be making it sinking, start pay right disregarding the island and outjob till you force the flag off board? GO YOU DOOD. How did Legacy force IC to pull such a move? I know with the current forum trend of blaming Legacy for everything has been ongoing now... but if you're joining the bandwagon, atleast have some backup with it.

Also, spending a lot of time with Swede and Barhoum on Vent lately has been wonderful.

lul u crazy?

I personally think that the cade was handled just as it should have been, considering all the facts.

So an IC royal coming in here and saying IC did nothing wrong and outjobbing and forcing the new flag off the board just because they MAY be allied to Legacy. How can anyone expect a fair blockade if they attack you?

So no, IC is NOT trying to be the next flag bully.

Too late.
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