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Posted by elfeesh at Oct 31, 2011 4:01:49 PM
Re: Intent for Dendrite
t would be HARD to have a friendly cade with so much involvement from a waring flag.....

OK, let me get this straight. A flag that was made by someone who was only an Officer in Nightmare and his mate Hexlock, who yes, had a crew in Legacy, but aside from that no standing within the flag, is automatically branded as a Legacy front simply because they had ties there. That's utterly ridiculous. To put it in a real life situation, lets say:

A man goes to live in America from Pakistan with one of his friends. They have a few other friends in Pakistan because that's where they came from. But wait! There's Taliban in Pakistan! These people must be terrorists! We'll have to deport them. What's more, we should gather up their wives and children and deport them as well, and we shall make them pay for all the legal proceedings and travel costs.

It's a much more dramatic a horrible version, but you see where I'm coming from.

I know for a fact that if you actually wanted a friendly cade, with just our flag and yours involved with caps set and all agreements between you and lizzy, you could get that.

Annex musta thought that too. Look what happened to them.

If you'd like I can keep picking apart your posts all day. It's overwhelmingly amusing to see you come up with lame replies such as
Read my post again hun,
after I literally just took apart every single sentence you posted.

"We are all worms. But I do believe I am a glow-worm."

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