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Posted by Rescue7 at Oct 31, 2011 3:44:38 PM
Re: Intent for Dendrite
Well i received the logs from Tenth, so take that up with her, but the fact that TBC told us (kuskus, tenth, and myself) that Swede would be defending the island, and on friendly terms unless a 3P was involved sounded alright. From what I saw, there were no 3P's... P4P allied Annex, and Dilemma came in with a frig, and within 5 minutes allied (alliance was too late for the frig on the board to count for Annex, although the next ship did.) So i guess you count that as the 3P.

If you are saying IC was the 3P, then why did she have to be involved in the first place? If Swede said he would defend Dendrite non sinking with a pay cap, why didn't he step up to the plate? Maybe Lizzy isn't being a bully, but did TBC and Swede hide behind her and allow her to almost decimate a newly formed flag?
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