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Posted by RaeR at Oct 31, 2011 3:36:38 PM
Re: Intent for Dendrite
Rescue7 wrote:

[15:27:11] Ye told S, "ello"
[15:27:16] S tells ye, "ello"
[15:27:33] Ye told S, "my name is ___ and i recently created a new flag"
[15:27:51] Ye told S, "i was wondering if TBC wouldnt mind for a friendly pay-capped blockade"
[15:28:12] S tells ye, "paycap as in ?"
[15:28:55] Ye told S, "and paycap in a blockade"
[15:29:24] S tells ye, "yes paycap btu i am asking hopw much and in what sence ships or just poe"
[15:30:39] S tells ye, "lmao paycap for me we agree on 1K and thast it.. outjobbed is outjobber"

[15:31:21] Ye told S, "so what u defend for TBC?"
[15:31:30] S tells ye, "yes"

[15:35:25] S tells ye, "ki if you wanna do a cade at den.. go ahead drop nonsinking paycapetc ,,"

So Swede, what happened?

First, shame on you for posting logs without Swedes permission.

Second, somewhere in this convo Swede told you that all agreements would be cancelled if a third party joined, but I think you "forgot" to post that part...

Third, during my time in IC, i have not heard or seen anything coming from Monlizzy such as I've seen here in the forums. She works her ass off for the benefit of our flag and she in no way intended to "stomp" on a new, up and coming flag. There were many, many reasons why there is reason to believe Legacy was involved in the drops this weekend, and I don't understand why all the flags that were involved in the multi drops on Legacy can't see this.... And I'm starting to think this whole thing was set up by Legacy to make IC look like this. They knew IC/TBC would know it was legacy and how they would react. And I believe any of the flags involved in the multi drop's on legacy would have done the exact same thing. Just be honest here please.

I would like to say, since I'm writing this, that I personally had mad respect for legacy and enjoyed their flag page and their ideas very much. I hate that they involved themselves in the hate fest on this forum, which is what i believe brought their image down. I love Aviendas ambition and drive to try to think of ways for players to have fun and enjoy themselves. I hope that they can turn this around and continue on with their plans.

Also, spending a lot of time with Swede and Barhoum on Vent lately has been wonderful. They aren't at all like people are making them out to be, just wanted to let ya know.... (but they DO have roles on Puzzle Pirates, and they play their roles well lol)

The things posted here warps some feelings against some players, and some of them are not true. When i first joined IC, Monlizzy was a supporter of Legacy, she told me that she liked Avienda and wouldn't hear any negative things on fo chat about her. But I think (not for sure) that some of the stuff she read here and was told by other people made her change her thinking (not about Avi personally, but legacy it self...which is too bad i think. I was in the mind to get to know Avi my self because of the great portrait lizzy was making of her. I am really ready for all this stuff with legacy to be over and go on watching Whiterose be the ocean bully, that was much funner. :P

I personally think that the cade was handled just as it should have been, considering all the facts. It would be hard to have a "friendly" cade with so much involvement with a waring flag, ya know? So no, IC is NOT trying to be the next flag bully.

<3 <3 <3
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