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Posted by M_Cobain at Oct 31, 2011 9:59:53 AM
Re: Imperial Coalition Intent to defend Hadrian and the Bushes
My favorite part about this story is that IC just rode on the back of the RAF to pick up an island, then turns right around and pulls the same shit that everyone was harping on Legacy for.

Me too! =D

TBC desperately needed the island. In order to build up another super sekret world-destroying weapon like the one RM destroyed at Havoc.

Meanwhile, Ben threatened to take the SSWD to the remnant of Legacy, so as to unleash retribution such as the ocean has never seen.

Terrified by this prospect, Lizzy whipped into amgahz mode.
Her knight in shining armor appeared in the form of a young whelp.
With potential that far outpaced the last protégé, Brisky, this new face blazed a path of righteousness through forum boggarts in order to show the ocean that IC would lead them out of this totally crucial blockade weekend and into a new oceanic era.


Also, Lune's last post made me laugh. :/

Are you okay?

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